100% Clean Power

Fighting for Climate and Economic Justice.

Clean Power Now, not in 3 years. Now.

Our generation deserves clean air now. Not in 3 years.

Mayor Farrah Khan

Email and Call Farrah Khan and Councilmembers.

Farrah Khan must take the climate crisis seriously. Her proposed law would push 30% fossil fuels until mid-2025.
She must step up for 100% clean power 2022 as the default.

Talking points:

  • Share why you care about climate change and what it means for you - a livable future, good jobs, etc. Make it personal!
  • Demand that Farrah Khan change her proposed law to 100% clean power.

Call into the Council Meeting on January 25th, 2022.

Agenda: https://irvine.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=68&event_id=1923

Zoom for Council Meeting:

Meeting ID: 840 7451 9411

Passcode: 930224

According to inside sources, clean energy is set to appear on the city council agenda on the 25th. As of January 15th, 11:28pm, it is not on the agenda. In the event that it does not get placed on the agenda, we will continue to state our concerns instead during general comment closer to the end of the meeting.

For questions or assistance, email kyler@sunriseoc.org

Join us. We need you.

Achieving climate justice and 100% clean power will take an army of people. We need people of all skills to organize, build community support, and lend their specialized skills to the movement.


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